In The Beginning

Well then, Here we are at last!

Its taken some planning and long hours but im quite happy to say that im almost done creating my Travel Blog!

The idea first started when I was talking to one of my colleagues and friend Sharon about my travel experiences. She came up with the brilliant idea of writing a blog so that I can keep track of all these experiences and so that I can share them with the world!

I have currently gone over seas twice. The first time was in March 2014 to New Zealand for a work trip. The second and most recent was my trip to Vietnam in January. This is the trip that has ignited my passion to travel and to see the world. I learnt so much about the culture, the history, the war and myself.

After getting back home from Vietnam I was left with a lifetime of memories and many photos to go with it. I met so many amazing people over there, I ate some of the best food I have ever eaten. I will be creating a page where I will go into more detail about this trip.

I will also be creating travel videos and exploring my own country (Australia) As well as updates, travel stories, pictures, future destinations and much more!


Thanks for dropping by! Will be adding more content soon!



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