The Bungy Jump*

Today I got Reminiscing about the time that I was in New Zealand and did something that I had always wanted to do:

The Bungy Jump!*

why the astrix? well I did complete it, I sort of didn’t at the same time, Let me explain from the start.

I was in New Zealand for a work trip to a winery’s 40th birthday celebration and I was lucky enough to go along. After spending most of the day traveling and being all excited about going to another country for the first time, I completely forgot to eat. After settling in to the hotel the celebrations began and it was straight onto the wine and the beer! The group boarded a bus and and we went to Kawarau gorge. When we got there we were told that we have the opportunity to bungy jump if we had wished.

Instantly I knew that I would be doing this as it had always something that I had wanted to do!. We entered a large room where the celebrations began. After a little bit more wine it was time for the bungy jump and I was first in line. I walked along the bridge to where we were jumping, they sat me down and put the harness around me and tied my legs up and placed the bungy cord around my legs. At this point I have to admit after not eating anything all day and had a couple of wine and beer in a couple of hours I was feeling quite tipsy.

The Lead winemaker decided to go first, I watched the operators place the bungy around his legs I was glad that he was going first. He hopped up and walked to the ledge and the crowd on the side started to count down He then just leaped off a small wooden platform. I remember looking down and thinking “ohhh crap, what have I gotten myself into”. They untied him from the other side and now it was my turn, I hopped along to the wooden platform. The operator told me not to look down, So I looked down. I start to think “what if i’m not tied on properly?, what if it brakes?”.

Suddenly the crowd at the side starts to count down But I didn’t jump. Then they start to yell “JUMP” I had frozen up. I had always wanted to do this and I didn’t want to back down. The crowd starts to count down again and I just stood there tense. the next thing I know is that I am falling 43 meters (141 Feet) Feet first. I was pushed off and I was glad that I was!

As I look back on it now I don’t count that as a bungy jump but more than been pushed off a bridge and been saved by a bungy cord.

I will return to New Zealand and Bungy jump for real!


Photo Credit A.J Hackett

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