Destinations – Chernobyl

19 years of my life I lived within 5 km of Hazelwood power station (one of the most dirty power station in Victoria and quite possibility Australia) Living in the region of the Latrobe Valley, I can not help but have an interest in how electricity is made. My Father, My Uncle and my Grandfather all worked in the local power stations.

Hazelwood Power Station, Victoria, Australia

While coal power stations are dirty and there are far more responsible ways of generating electricity (Like solar or wind) I cannot help but think of other ways that electricity is generated. Wind turbines are massively impressive and I am a huge supporter of them. Located in strategic locations around the state and the world, Wind spins the massive blades, which spins the turbines generating electricity. Clean and awesome to look at!

However there has always been one place regarding energy that I have always wanted to visit. Chernobyl.

Chernobyl was the scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. It has revenged the region of northern Ukraine and will be inhabitable for many thousands of years. When the reactor of unit no 4 exploded in the early hours of April 26th 1986 an unknown amount of radioactive material was spread thought the surrounding area and into Europe. The disaster Nearly 30 years on had caused many types of cancers and birth defects and yet I cannot help but be intrigued by what happened.

Chernobyl has been thought the news and pop couture for many years. The near by town of Pripyat which housed the workers of the nuclear facility has been long deserted and been reclaimed by nature and is now overgrown, an urban wonderland just waiting to be explored!

This is a location that I really want to visit, an area that has had a massive significant event that will forever change the country and the world and importantly how we look at nuclear energy and alternative ways of generating electricity.

Chernobyl. The world’s worst nuclear disaster. Photo Google Images.

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