2016 and Beyond!

Well here we are 2016, another year of road trips, adventuring and travel! Last year was a good year, I discovered what I wanted to do with my life and a big factor of that was taking a trip to Vietnam in January. I learnt a lot about my self and about another couture and made a lot of connections whilst over there. It was from that point on I knew what I wanted to keep travelling and the world. Learning about other cultures, meeting new people and sharing stories.

When I got back home from Vietnam I did something quiet special, something to remind me to keep travelling and to keep me inspired. Something to take with me wherever I go…. I got a Tattoo. Nothing big, but something meaningful.



Waves are unpredictable, waves are forever changing. I look down at my wrist a look at my waves tattoo and its there to remind me, Be Unpredictable, Be Spontaneous because at the end of the day life is very short, make the most of it!

And that brings us to 2016. I have got a lot of plans for this year including Road rips around Victoria. Exploring new or unknown locations. A possible trip to the Hunter Valley and the big trip, Cambodia and Thailand!

Cambodia is going to be a special trip. I will be involved a marine conservation program on the island of Koh Rong. And from there I will travel to Bangkok and explore this hustling and bussing city before travelling to Phuket.

I plan to video and blog while on this trip, to share my thoughts, experiences and adventures!

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe new year and thank you for reading my blog. It means the world to me!



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