Cambodia – Part 2

The next day I knew was going to be special; it was the day that I met up with my Reach Out Group.

First let’s take a second so I can tell you who is Reach Out.

Reach Out is an organization who is involved in various countries around the world including Cambodia, Peru, Mozambique and South Africa.

Reach Out’s goal is to change the world one village at a time through various projects including Building, Marine conservation, Working with elephants, Teaching english as well as other various projects. After working with them I completely agree with their statement “Changing the world, one village at a time”

I woke with a level of excitement, I knew that the next couple of weeks were going to be special. I went downstairs and orded breakfast and planed out me trek on a map that I got at the airport. I didn’t need a Tuk-Tuk as I knew it was about a 15-minute walk. I returned to my room and packed my bags and check out of my hotel and made my way to the hotel that we were meeting at.

The Walls of the Royal Palace.

I walked around the outer walls of the Royal Palace, I was amazed by this city, the architecture was amazing, it reminded me of the Royal Palace in Hue, Vietnam. I found the street that the hotel was on and made my way in. I was then told that one other volunteer had already arrived and was sitting at a table right behind me. I introduced myself to this girl named Renee. We talked for about an hour before more people started to arrive.

We dropped our bags off in our rooms and decided to go check out the museum next to the Royal Palace. It was impressive to see some of the stone statues and pieces from around Cambodia. Lunch quickly approached and we made out way back to the hotel for a bite to eat and to plan out the rest of the day. More members of our group started to arrive as we sat down for lunch. We decided to have a chill afternoon and go out for dinner and then to check out the night market.

Night time came around and we ate and got to know each other over drinks before checking out the night markets. The rest of the evening was spent running around the markets looking for bargains and having a good time before catching a Tuk-Tuk and calling it a night. We awoke early the next morning as we had a 5 hour bus ride to Sihanoukville before a 2 hour boat ride to the island of Koh Rong.

We boarded the bus just before 8am and we were on our way. We made up games along the way one of which was called the “Minion game”. The objective, think of an inanimate object and Google and see if there was an Minion version of it. For example we would Google a Minion doorstop. Eventually we ran out of thing to Google and we all fell asleep.

Sangkat village, Koh Rong, Cambodia. Beautiful Village, Beautiful People.
Sangkat village, Koh Rong, Cambodia. Beautiful Village, Beautiful People.

We woke close to Sihanoukville and disembarked for lunch before catching another Tuk-Tuk to the boat. We loaded onto the boat and the energy and the excitement was growing with the group. We where all buzzing as we where getting closer and closer to the island. A Couple of the Volunteer’s; Jana and Shannon had already spent two weeks on the island and was returning to spend another couple weeks there before heading up to Siem Reap. They had knowledge of this island and told us what to expect on the island. We made our way around the island and came across our village. Sitting on loges over the water, immediately I knew that this place is special. We docked and made our way to the accommodation. It was a large living area with three bedrooms and out back there was two toilets (1 of them was a squaty potty!) and another small sitting area. The sun was beginning to set; we all sat out side and watched the sun set. This was home for the next two weeks.

The sunset that we saw every night.
The sunset that we saw every night.

Dinner was served and quickly gobbled up before starting to read our scuba diving manual. After a couple of hours of study we need a break so we went for a walk down to the beach 15 minutes away. The water was so amazing, it was warm something that I was not use to. It has bioluminescent algae in it. It wasn’t quite as visible the first night but as the days went on it became more visible.

We made out way back to the accommodation and went to bed.

And this was just the beginning.

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