Cambodia – Part 3

After a muggy night sleep it was the morning. I crawled out of bed and went to the outside sitting area where we gathered before breakfast. It was cool and relaxing outside there was a slight breeze that came off the ocean. It was a lot more comfortable outside the on a top bunk! I decided to have my first shower on the island to wash of the seawater from the night before. Showers consisted of pouring well water over your head, I was nervous at first as I don’t handle cold well. But after a couple of days I go use to it.

looking down to the pier.
looking down to the pier.

Breakfast was served and we all chatted while eating, we talked about the projects that we would be working on for the next couple of weeks. We where all excited to start scuba diving and getting certified, however we still had a lot of book work before we got certified. After breakfast we split into groups and while one group went on there first dive the second stayed back for bookwork.


After a couple of hours the first group arrived back and it was the second group (my group) to go prep the equipment before lunch. We learnt about how to store the equipment and how to prepare the equipment before use. After lunch my group collected our equipment to go on our first dive

View of the beach where we went swimming most nights.

We jumped on the boat and floated around the island to we got to the beach that we where at the previous night. We got to about 100 meters to the shore where we put down the anchor. We divided into smaller groups so that it would make it easier for everyone to learn the basics. We jumped into the rough ocean and swam to the shore. This almost killed me. The waves where ruthless, At this moment I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t a very strong swimmer any more. However this did not stop me from at least trying to scuba dive.

One of our instructors arrived and got us back into the water to see how long we could last just treading water. After treading water for 10 minutes and digesting half the water in the ocean I started to get worn out. My arms where sore and all I could taste was salt. We then slowly swam back to the shore to swap over with the other group. We swapped instructors and got on the scuba gear. At this point I was exhausted but I was still keen to give scuba diving a shot. We walked through the basic skills. This is where I really struggled; equalizing was really difficult for me, as I have had a crook nose for many years (I did get it operated on 3 years ago however the surgery didn’t work so I have to get it done again). We finished up and made our way back to the boat.

We made our way back to the village as dinner time was sneaking up. Over dinner I decided that the scuba diving was not for me due to my nose. I was disappointed however I was not going to let this stop me as there was plenty of work to do around the village.

Surprise Cake! With our team leader Chloe and Harry
Surprise Cake! With our team leader Chloe and Harry

The next day I woke to another warm morning, it was also my 26th birthday! We started our day down at the school; the plan was to build a library for the local school children. We started the day by collecting rocks and sand for the foundation of the library. The local school children where so excited to see what we where doing and helped us collect rocks. We also went down to a local sand quarry to get sand, lots and lots of sand. The evening snuck around and after dinner we went to the beach for a quick swim and off to the local inn for some cards against humanity. My fellow volunteers then surprised me as they turned out the lights and surprised me with some cakes. It was beautiful having so many wonderful people around for my birthday.

We all made our way back to the accommodation as tomorrow was a big day, we where start laying the foundation.

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  1. Volunteering and joining some projects abroad is a very rewarding thing to do. Lately, I’ve also been checking where to volunteer, things that’s far from my daily life. I think yours is very fun and interesting, made some good friends too! Good deeds! Keep it up! xx

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