New Video! Reach Out Volunteers – Koh Rong Cambodia

As some of you may know I went to Cambodia back in January to work with an organisation called Reach Out Volunteers. It was truly an amazing life changing experience.

We where based on the island of Koh Rong, just a two hour slow boat ride from Sihanoukville. Whilst we where on the island we where involved in various building projects including building a library for the school as well as creating coral pods which are metal frames that get lowered into the water and in time coral will grow on them and that will encourage fish breeding! Pretty cool stuff!

I have been posting photos here and there but I had also taken alot of video on my iPhone and now I have stitched it all together!


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  1. That’s so cool! It’s a nice feeling to do something that’s socially significant, no? I’ve been planning to volunteer in house- or library-building projects but something always come up. 🙂 Instead what I involve in regularly are outreach events. We have a small-time non-profit group here promoting voluntourism. When we travel to a location especially remote parts of provinces we usually allot a day to give out school supplies or other donations.

    A little more background in case anybody’s looking for other kinds of volunteer activities –

  2. Awesome video! I’d like to volunteer more these year! I put that in my bucket liit for this year too. Thanks for inspiring us! 😀

  3. What an amazing experience! It’s also awesome that you guys got to build a library and coral pods! It’s not enough that we just travel. It’s better if we make an impact in the lives of others too. Good job!

  4. What a great experience: it is so cool to be able to travel while helping others, it must give a completely different perspective on the local culture and real daily life in your destination. I would love to volunteer abroad: I have been looking for opportunities for families, to go with my kids too, and as soon they are old enough, nothing will stop us!

  5. wanderingwagarschristina says: Reply

    Doing volunteer work while we travel is something I have been hoping our family could participate in. As I have started looking into it, I realized how much research really needs to go into it. It is great that you found something to participate in! Looks like it has been an enjoyable experience.

  6. I love it when people travel with a purpose. that’s really amazing that you guys do this for the people of cambodia. Keep it up!

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