Sunrise atop Mt. Batur

Beep, Beep, Beep! I suddenly jolt up and scramble to turn off my alarm before I woke anyone in my hostel, it was 1:30am and in half an hour I was due to leave for a sunrise hike up Mt. Batur… An Active Volcano!

I finished packing my gear into may bag and headed to reception to wait for my ride! Still a little sluggish from the sleep I managed to eat some provided banana pancakes, which is a big feet for me as I absolutely loathe bananas (something about the taste and texture doesn’t sit right with me). After squeezing into van with some other hikers we made the 40 minute drive from Ubud to Mt.Batur.

After getting to know some of the other hikers in the van, we started to notice bits of lightning in the sky. I originaly thought its going to be awesome to climb a volcano with lightning and then I remembered that I diddnt really like lightning (I almost got hit by lightning once, scared me for life)

We were given torches and we started to make our way towards the volcano, it was a 3 hour hike up to the summit of the volcano. Been in Indonesia it was quite warm especially at 3am, I found myself taking on and off my jumper every 10 or so minutes. After walking for about half an hour the path became very rough and slippery, I then came to the conclusion that my $10 converse that I got from Cambodia where probably not the best shoes to be wearing.

After walking what seemed like forever we started to ascend the volcano, it was starting to get a little colder and harder. We had to slow up a little bit as  other groups ascending where taking a rest brake. The lightning intensified, I didn’t know if I was sweating cause of the hike or the lightning.

As we started to get higher we started to notice steam vents on the ground. We warmed up by putting our hands close to them. We pushed on as the summit was in sight. As we climbed up over the last little bit I was quite surprised so see at least another hundred people who also climbed the volcano before us. We found a spot and sat down and watched the sun pop up from above the horizon. I was magical.  the warm rays of light, the beautiful colours in the sky. It was well worth waking up at 1:30 for.

As the night turned to day we started to make our way back down Mt. Batur and headed to the van.

Volcanoes are awesome, been able to get up close to an active one and to climb to the top and watch the sunrise was just a dream come true.

Atop Mt. Batur

How do I organise climbing a volcano?

Most hotels or hostels have services where you can book day trips like climbing volcano, river rafting, quad biking, just ask at reception. There are also plenty of tour companies on the side of the streets that can organise tours/day trips.

How much did it cost?

I payed 245,000RUP ($25AUD/$19USD) however shop around as I did hear of companies charging 750,000RUP ($75AUD/$55USD) for the same service.

What should I bring?

A good pair of hiking shoes (trust me) a hoodie/jacket and a bottle of water. We where provided with some banana pancakes before we left and some bananas and eggs when we go to the summit.

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