I’m Moving To LONDON!


Yes you read that correctly! I have made the decision to move from Australia to the UK! Now you have probably thought 1 of 3 questions: 1) Why? 2) Who am I again? 3) Did I leave the stove on? And if you thought the third one you better just go double check….

Why, because it’s time for change. Over the past couple of years I have been to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Cambodia (Again) and Indonesia and every time I travel I am filled with a sense of adventure. I met the most amazing people and see the most enchanting wonders and then I have to face reality, I have to return to work.

I got thinking, why don’t i go on a working holiday? So i made a plan to go live in London to earn some money and then travel around the UK and Europe when I can! It was brilliant, there was just one little thing standing in my way. DEBT.

I reworked my finances and set a really tough budget and stuck to it for many months. I worked long hard hours to bring it down. And as of today there is only a couple more payments left! Woohoo!

As of today (November 7th) The flights are booked, passport is stamped and I am pretty much ready to go! I’m looking forward to the changes there is just one more thing to say…..LONDON BABY!


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