Fresh starts and fresh adventures!

Well 2018 has brought me my biggest travel challenge… Moving to London!

In my previous blog post I announced that I was moving to London and today I arrived! But first, lets back-paddle a couple of days.

Thursday was quite an emotional day, saying goodbye to my family was defiantly one of the hardest things I have ever done! My Mum and Dad, Brother and Sister all came down to Melbourne airport to drop me off. I think we keept trying to put off the inevitable.

We all hugged at the gate, It was quite emotional after all I have no fixed date for when I will be returning to Australia.

The next 30 hours was well…boring. A 14 flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi and then another 8 hour flight to London. As well as a another hour on the tube.

I spent the following 5 hours walking around exploring  (And waiting for my hostel to open) by 3pm the Jetlag hit like a brick wall and by 3.05 I was asleep.

After waking after 17 hours sleep, I feel like I have recovered from my jetlag, now time to start exploring this magnificent city!

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