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“If you don’t know what you want to do, than you shouldn’t be studding here”

These are words that are edged into my mind by my senior school principle. It was on of those transition days where you go to your new school and try out been a year 11 for a day. He introduced himself and gave my whole year level a lecture on how important it was for us to study. I had many aspirations; I wanted to be an actor and a director. I always had aspired to traveling but I never thought anything of it. I thought that it would be to far out of my reach.

After dropping out of high school I want straight to Tafe (Like community college) to study multimedia and hopefully a pathway to the film industry. After a couple short videos nothing really came off of it and I found myself working at my local supermarket for the next year. After the Supermarket I bounced around jobs for the next couple of years working at electronics shop and then Monash University I.T department. I loved working in I.T, I fixed computers all day it was challenging and it was something that I really enjoyed.

Then my life got flipped upside down. After a restructure I found myself without a job. It took me 3 temporary jobs and 18 Months to find a full time job, it was quite possible one of the most hardest experiences of my life. I don’t work in I.T any more I now manage a Bottle Shop.

In June of 2014 I made a decision to go to Vietnam, this would be my first solo trip overseas. I had previously been to New Zealand the February before for a work trip. I never knew it at the time but this was the trip that would change my life and ignite a new passion. Now at the age of 25 I know what I want to do, I want to travel the world! I want to see as much of it as I possible can!

Nothing is out of reach, you just need to make that leap.


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