Climbing Mt. Erica

Two weekends ago a I attempted to do something that I had been wanting to do for ages Climb Mt Erica. Mt Erica is located 180km from Melbourne in the Baw Baw national park. It is a picturesque wilderness with much plenty to see including Mushroom Rocks (As Featured in the Video) The video has […]

Morwell National Park – Quick Adventure

The first of many adventures! I shot this footage while I was out at Morwell National Park yesterday. I used a combination of my Iphone 5s and my Sony Action Cam. Some of the footage is a little bit shaky, mainly due to not having my proper equipment with me. I have got some future […]

In The Beginning

Well then, Here we are at last! Its taken some planning and long hours but im quite happy to say that im almost done creating my Travel Blog! The idea first started when I was talking to one of my colleagues and friend Sharon about my travel experiences. She came up with the brilliant idea […]