Over the years I have built up many inspirations. Many have stemmed from movies, youtube, tv, games and my favourite: Talking to other travelers.

The following list is where I draw my inspirations and where I go to when I start to plan my travel adventures!

Because We Camp

Homeless, Jobless and Traveling the world! I first discovered Lynn and Noah’s Channel on youtube in July/Aug of 2014. I binge watched all of their videos in one sitting! Their adventures are informative, funny and compelling. With awesome music and snappy editing I highly recommend subscribing to Lynn and Noah!




Departures (Net Geo Series)


Departures follow’s Scott, Justin and Andre (Cameraman) trips around the world in 42 x 1hr episodes. With breathtaking cinematography, a smooth music score and beautiful destinations, Departures is a must see for anyone wanting to travel!


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