Sunrise atop Mt. Batur

Beep, Beep, Beep! I suddenly jolt up and scramble to turn off my alarm before I woke anyone in my hostel, it was 1:30am and in half an hour I was due to leave for a sunrise hike up Mt. Batur… An Active Volcano! I finished packing my gear into may bag and headed to […]

Cambodia – Part 2

The next day I knew was going to be special; it was the day that I met up with my Reach Out Group. First let’s take a second so I can tell you who is Reach Out. Reach Out is an organization who is involved in various countriesĀ around the world including Cambodia, Peru, Mozambique and […]

Cambodia – Part 1

  Cambodia, it was once described as not a culture shock but as a culture electrocution and I can see why. I arrived there around 9am and after a sleepless night on a cold airplaneĀ I was quite exhausted and just wanted to get to my hotel to have a nap. But first thing was first, […]

2016 and Beyond!

Well here we are 2016, another year of road trips, adventuring and travel! Last year was a good year, I discovered what I wanted to do with my life and a big factor of that was taking a trip to Vietnam in January. I learnt a lot about my self and about another couture and […]