I’m Moving To LONDON!

Wait…What? Yes you read that correctly! I have made the decision to move from Australia to the UK! Now you have probably thought 1 of 3 questions: 1) Why? 2) Who am I again? 3) Did I leave the stove on? And if you thought the third one you better just go double check…. Why, […]

Sunrise atop Mt. Batur

Beep, Beep, Beep! I suddenly jolt up and scramble to turn off my alarm before I woke anyone in my hostel, it was 1:30am and in half an hour I was due to leave for a sunrise hike up Mt. Batur… An Active Volcano! I finished packing my gear into may bag and headed to […]

Cambodia – Part 1

  Cambodia, it was once described as not a culture shock but as a culture electrocution and I can see why. I arrived there around 9am and after a sleepless night on a cold airplaneĀ I was quite exhausted and just wanted to get to my hotel to have a nap. But first thing was first, […]

What’s Up Next?

In a little less than two months time I will be heading to Cambodia! And this is going to be a very special trip, as I will be volunteering on an island for two weeks. It’s something that I have wanted to do for quite some time and now its is approaching! I will be […]

Destinations – Chernobyl

19 years of my life I lived within 5 km of Hazelwood power station (one of the most dirty power station in Victoria and quite possibility Australia) Living in the region of the Latrobe Valley, I can not help but have an interest in how electricity is made. My Father, My Uncle and my Grandfather […]